About Jack’s DOGS

About Jack’s DOGS

Who We Are:

The dogs that participate with Jack’s Dogs are nationally registered AKC Canine Good Citizens and Pet Partners®. Our dogs provide therapy to those in need. Most of Jacks’s DOGs were rescued from shelters and otherwise deemed un-trainable dogs, even those unwanted dogs can teach us all about patience, unconditional love and untapped abilities if we only open our eyes to the possibilities.  This is called dogability™.

Our Mission:

about2Jack’s DOGs’ mission is to promote the benefits of therapy animals through teaching, mentoring, and demonstrating that positive human–animal interactions improve the physical, emotional and psychological lives of those we serve.



What We Do:about3
  • Encourage people of all ages to work hard at their therapies.
  • Teach people how pets can enrich their lives.
  • Promote physical and spiritual health.
  • Teach people the language of animals
  • Visit schools, nursing homes, camps, and other facilities.
  • Perform at public venues to promote “dogability”.
  • Help facility staff and individuals develop specific plans and goals.
  • Work with individual clients to help them build pet-human relationships.
  • Cooperate with a large network of veterinarians, trainers, social workers, schools, and animal rescue groups.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not train service animals.